About Us

Egypt Olive Company

We take care of producing the finest olives in the world and work on picking them by hand and pickling them naturally and treating them with the latest scientific methods to appear with the finest and most delicious taste that satisfies all tastes inside and outside Egypt.

During the production stage, we pick the fruits manually from the trees at the right time and start manufacturing them within hours of picking them. Then we fill in different and varied packages according to the customer’s request in Egypt and abroad and throughout the year

Egypt Olive Company for the olive industry since 1990 has great and different global experiences that made it enjoy great fame and the production of the finest types of olives in the world using the latest practical methods and standards that exceed the official standard specifications, which made us export the finest and best table olive products in the world.

We started as a farmers and suppliers to different olives processing company.
We are farmers since 1990 and we established the industrial company in 2018, our quality is the key of success.


To ensure the supply sufficiency and efficiency, quality stability, price affordability , and to ensure the safety and the natural resource of our product.


To Achieve long-term growth and sustainability by offering the best quality and the finest flavor with the highest standards.


Providing all market needs within reasonable prices.