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One of the farms of the Egypt Olive Company, we call olives from cultivation through olive harvesting and processing in the best appropriate international methods to provide a global product at the level of quality and free from pesticide residues as well.

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Welcome to Egypt Olives
At the beginning, Egypt Olives Board of Directors is pleased to welcome visitors, shareholders and valued participants.
We are here today to extend the bridge between Egypt Olives and its shareholders and customers.
In order to assure all our clients that whatever we are faced with and have undergone successive changes sweeping the world, we will maintain our established firm belief that human capital is the values ​​of the company's assets.
Where Egypt Olives has a vast team of experienced and skilled workers who are confident and respected in various countries of the world.
In the end, we would like to confirm that you are honored to visit our website and follow the products available in it. We have the confidence that you will find everything you need from our products. For any other inquiries, contact us and one of our employees will answer your inquiry

Expert team

We are a team of dedicated interior design and remodeling professionals

Production Standards

Due to the economic importance of our products, Egypt Olive decided to export its products to the world market, and if you are going to export, you must meet the international quality standards:

  • Zero use of pesticides.
  • Absence of mycotoxins.
  • Reducing the risk of microbiological contaminants.
  • Safe packaging and informative labeling.

Of course, these standards are available in the Egypt Olive product.

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